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Decarbonization of municipal by-laws will affect building heating systems

The municipality of Prévost recently adopted a by-law on decarbonation.

Reducing GHGs with a decarbonization regulation

In order to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, these regulations will limit the use of propane and natural gas in new residential and institutional buildings on the territory. These regulations will come into force on December 31, 2023.

Acquired rights for heating units in buildings that predate the municipal by-law

Buildings with gas fireplaces, heaters, dryers, patio heaters or other equipment built before this date will be grandfathered in, and will be able to be maintained and repaired without restriction.

Prévost, an avant-garde municipality in decarbonization, and other municipalities will follow suit

Prévost is an avant-garde municipality in terms of the environment with this by-law targeting decarbonation, because it is the first municipality to implement such a by-law. Nevertheless, we’re confident that other municipalities will follow suit with similar decarbonization regulations.

Electric radiant heating: an effective method to help you meet the challenge of decarbonization

environmental benefits of electric radiant heating
ensure that this approach complies with the new regulations and gives you a better return.

To find out more about how we can help you implement electric radiant heating solutions to meet these decarbonization regulations,
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To find out more about why the municipality of Prévost decided to implement this decarbonation bylaw, here’s a video of their information session held in front of some of their citizens.

Source: https://www.ville.prevost.qc.ca/ma-ville/environnement/decarbonation




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