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Efficient and economical heating

The more the world becomes electrified, whether in terms of commercial or residential infrastructures around the globe, or in terms of electric vehicles, the more people are looking for new options for efficient, economical heating. Well, this is the type of heating in which we’ve been cultivating our expertise for many years, and that’s electric infrared heating.

Proof of the efficiency and economic potential of this type of heating with electric vehicles

A recent article highlighted the extent to which carmakers including Toyota are adopting this type of heating to provide rapid heat to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their electric vehicles. This same heating technology is also revolutionizing the way in which different locations can be heated efficiently and economically (and with a high level of comfort).

Heating: efficient and economical enough to heat electric vehicles or terraces

The Toyota article explains how infrared heating allows vehicles to be heated quickly to enhance occupant comfort, and this type of heating is the one we use to heat outdoor terraces so we can extend the terrace season even when the nights are cooler.

Efficient heating for large commercial spaces

Whether heating warehouses, distribution centers or large commercial spaces, the biggest challenge is efficiency and avoiding energy waste. Infrared heating systems allow you to heat specific areas without having to heat large masses of air! This makes this type of heating highly energy-efficient.

The energy efficiency of infrared heating has been demonstrated by many industries, including the automotive industry.

Also in the article about Toyota’s use of infrared heating, it was clearly underlined that this type of heating resulted in a 5.3% reduction in fuel consumption. Obviously, along with fuel consumption, this industry makes the energy efficiency of this type of heating very concrete. Whether for a residential terrace or a large warehouse, infrared heating delivers substantial energy savings, which undeniably helps to reduce operating costs and carbon footprint.

Infrared technology, which is revolutionizing comfort on board electric vehicles, is also transforming the way we think about heating in outdoor and commercial spaces. At Technirep, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this paradigm shift in heating by offering our customers solutions that are both modern and energy-efficient!

The Saint-Sau terrace is heated by the most efficient and economical heating system available: infrared heating. This heating system was installed by the Technirep team.



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