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How to evaluate the cost of installing an infrared heating system?

When purchasing an electric infrared heating system, there are several factors to consider when evaluating the cost. Here we will cover the most important points to consider. We will separate the cost into two parts. We will also discuss maintenance costs.

1. Purchase of the radiant heating system

The first step is to determine the required power according to the needs and expectations. This will depend on the desired temperature, the temperature difference between the inside and outside, and the insulation of the building.

The surface to be heated

The size of the area to be heated is a key factor in calculating the installation price. The larger the area, the more infrared emitters are needed.

Type of building and complexity of the installation

The type of building also plays a role in the cost. Residential, commercial and industrial buildings have different needs in terms of heating capacity and complexity of the installation.

Layout of the building or exterior premises

The layout of the building, including ceiling height, the presence of interior walls, open spaces or divisions, and exterior locations, can influence the amount of infrared emitters needed and the complexity of the installation.

Thermal insulation of the place to be heated

For indoor heating, the energy efficiency of the building is an important factor. Good thermal insulation reduces heat loss and can influence the sizing of the system and, consequently, its installation cost.

Type of infrared emitters included in the installation

There are different types of infrared emitters, such as infrared lamps, infrared tubes and radiant panels. Each type has its specific benefits and costs, and the choice will depend on the needs and constraints of the project.

2. Costs associated with the installation of the system

The cost of installation can vary greatly from one project to another depending on its complexity. The main elements to consider for the installation are the cost of labor which varies from one electrician to another, the installation material as well as the electrical wire required for the electrical distribution. In addition, if the installation requires additional work such as frames for embedding, the labor and materials for this work must be considered.

The installation of a recessed infrared heating system increases the cost of the installation. Technirep

Maintenance cost of the infrared heating system

It is essential to take into account the costs of regular maintenance of the infrared heating system. Although these costs are generally low, they can vary depending on the type of infrared emitters and the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, an infrared lamp unit requires only a simple surface cleaning and visual inspection.

However, maintenance costs are significantly lower than those of similar gas or propane heating systems.

Each infrared heating installation project is unique

It should be noted that each infrared heating installation project is unique, and the final price will depend on these factors as well as local conditions and specific customer requirements. It is recommended to consult experts in radiant heating to obtain an accurate evaluation of the installation cost. You can contact us and we will be happy to advise you judiciously according to your needs and your context.

I invite you to start your project and one of our professionals will contact you to prepare a proposal according to your needs and expectations.

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