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Why Fostoria?

Fostoria has been a leader in radiant heating since 1917

Fostoria is an American company that was founded in 1917. Since its creation, Fostoria has specialized in the manufacture of high-quality heating products, such as auxiliary heaters, site heaters and industrial heating systems. One of Fostoria’s flagship products is radiant heating. Fostoria’s radiant heating systems use infrared technology to heat spaces in an efficient and energy-saving manner.

Fostoria offers a wide variety of products

Fostoria, which is now a division of TPI. is the largest and oldest manufacturer of infrared electrical and industrial heating equipment. Fostoria’s infrared heating systems are ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional applications where radiant efficiency is an important issue. Fostoria’s radiant heaters are available in a wide variety of sizes and wattages, making them ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Fostoria heating products: flexible and adaptable to various environments

Indeed, the Fostoria heating systems that we (the Technirep team) offer you allow to heat people and objects (masses) without losing heat in the ambient air. This makes them very effective for decks, large storage areas, outdoor heating and even de-icing. The availability of 600V devices is a major asset of this manufacturer. Fostoria’s radiators can even be wall or ceiling mounted, making them flexible and adaptable to various environments.

Fostoria: easy-to-install products with a great warranty

Fostoria’s radiant heaters are also very easy to install, which means they can be set up quickly and easily. In addition, Fostoria offers a three-year warranty on all of its products, giving customers the peace of mind they are looking for when purchasing a heating system.

In our opinion, Fostoria is a must in the world of radiant heating

For all these reasons, we have made the unavoidable choice to offer Fostoria’s infrared heating products to our heating product line. It’s a fact, we highly recommend them.

Fostoria is a leading manufacturer of radiant heating products. For this reason, Technirep is proud to endorse Fostoria products. With quality products since 1917, Fostoria is a must in the world of radiant heating.

Fostoria offers you the following products:

Electric infrared heating & controls

Quartz lamps and tubes

Air curtains

Electric heating


Dock light

To learn more about Fostoria products, consult the Fostoria documentation below or contact us!