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Heated driveway: heated asphalt or infrared surface heating?

If you already have a heated driveway with an in-ground system (fiber, cable, etc.), commonly called heated concrete slab or heated asphalt, you will have a challenge when it comes time to change it.

Likely and costly breakdowns for a heated asphalt driveway

When a heating system under the pavement (heated asphalt) breaks down, it becomes extremely expensive to replace since the entire downspout has to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch. Moreover, you will understand that heating systems buried in the ground are prone to breakage and very likely due to ground movement during the harsh Quebec winters.

Whether it’s for an existing heating system for a heated driveway or to install a new one, here is the solution

To heat a driveway, our infrared heaters are installed on the surface so that the radiation reaches the area to be cleared of snow and ice, thus avoiding the use of abrasives (stone, salt, etc.) and the removal of snow from the surface.

The units we offer have a radiant efficiency of 96% and reach their full intensity in seconds. In addition, to reduce the light population, we add glass tubes that reduce the light emission by 90% without affecting the radiant efficiency.

Heated driveway by heated asphalt vs. infrared heating system on the surface of the driveway.

heated driveway with infrared surface heating system and advantages over heated asphalt

The benefits of a driveway heated by a surface infrared heating system.

Energy-efficient aspect of infrared surface heating of a driveway

This is a more energy efficient use. In fact, as soon as it starts to get cold in Quebec (or elsewhere), building owners must start their heated slab system (heated asphalt) to avoid accidents and to be able to get rid of snow accumulations since these systems take a lot of time before heating the entire mass of the parking lot to be able to proceed with de-icing. On the other hand, thanks to the 96% radiant efficiency of our systems, the system can be started later and on demand. In fact, it only takes a fraction of a second for the system to reach its full intensity and begin the de-icing process. In fact, our driveway heating systems can be paired with snow detectors to remove human intervention from the equation.

Safety aspect of infrared surface heating of a driveway

An electric infrared driveway heating system will allow you to remove snow and ice from your driveway on the spot, providing a dry and safe surface for users (cars, pedestrians, etc.). Whether your need is related to the de-icing of a sidewalk or a sloped parking lot, we will be able to offer you the appropriate solution for the safety of users.

Surface infrared entrance heating system for a hospital that is a Technirep customer. We proudly offer this heating system because it is the safest entrance heating system on the market.

The cleanliness of this type of entrance heater

An infrared snow melting system eliminates the need to use abrasives and de-icing products such as stone and salt. This is a clean solution that will not affect the life of your
surface. In fact, the use of de-icing salt is harmful to the health of your parking surface. This is an important and relevant point when it comes to a concrete parking lot or a luxury hotel canopy.

The cleanliness of a surface infrared heating system is ideal for hotel entrances as is the case with our client, the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Simple and economical maintenance of this type of entrance heater

Since the system we offer is not buried under the pavement, maintenance is very simple, quick and easy. In fact, an electric infrared system is virtually maintenance free except for an annual cleaning recommended by the manufacturer. If a lamp breaks, your electrician can replace it in a few minutes.

The maintenance of an infrared surface heating system for an underground parking lot is very easy. Here is a picture of Fostoria, one of the manufacturers we distribute.

Whether you are replacing an in-ground system or building a new driveway (or parking lot), our infrared heating systems are the way to go because they are low-maintenance, easy to install and more efficient than most other options on the market today. Click here to start your project.

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