Infrared heating for your terrace

A terrace worthy of the name

Make the most of your terrace!

Whether you like to read, have a drink or simply relax, a good outdoor heater on your terrace lets you extend the moments on it. No more excuses for staying indoors when the weather gets a little colder. With a few choices available to take your terrace to a more comfortable space, we’ve written this article to clear up your options.

Why choose an electric heater over a propane heater?

There are many reasons to choose an electric radiant heater over a propane or gas one.

  • Security

There are a number of risks associated with propane patio heaters. Never move them during use, use them only in ventilated areas to avoid the risk of intoxication, do not use them too close to a wall, etc.

  • Flexibility

Electric infrared patio heating systems offer a high degree of flexibility thanks to a range of control options. A very popular option is the universal control panel, which lets you control your system with one or more smart Wi-Fi dimmers or directly via your phone. If you have a home automation system at home, you can opt for a home automation panel. Finally, if you want simpler control, a simple dimmer is available.

  • Ray directionality

Electric infrared allows the rays to be concentrated where they are needed, making it easy to heat the sections you want.

  • Limited space

Why condemn part of your terrace with a large, free-standing propane patio heater when you can conserve every precious square foot by installing a high-mounted unit?

  • Aesthetics

    They say that beauty is a matter of taste, or that beauty is subjective, but we can agree that a deck with an electric heater is much more aesthetically pleasing than one with a propane heater.

A system for every terrace

Electric radiant heating systems can be subtly integrated for a sleek look, or used to accentuate other elements of the terrace.

See some examples for yourself:

To see more projects, please visit our project gallery.

How to choose the right heater for your patio

Many appliances on the market are designed for climates that don’t match ours.

Our team has been specializing in electric infrared heating systems since 1997. We offer a flexible solution for all types of project, according to your needs. Contact us and one of our experts will guide you in choosing the best product for you.

Here are the elements we will discuss together:

  • The size of the space to be heated ;
  • Installation height ;
  • The power required for your needs ;
  • Choosing a device based on its aesthetics;
  • Choosing the type of control ;
  • The number of zones, etc.

The most popular options for your terrace

Infratech Slimeline (SL) model

With their clean, modern styling, anodized aluminum casing and slim profiles, Infratech Slimline (SL) heaters virtually disappear into the surrounding décor and are capable of withstanding years of outdoor use.

Infratech model C and model CD

Infratech’s C and CD series infrared heaters are designed for use in high-visual-impact locations that require more concentrated heat emission, for optimum warmth and style.

Infratech model W and model WD

The classic W Series units are ideal for most basic installations. With a variety of sizes to choose from, it’s important to select the right W and WD series device to provide the coverage and intensity needed for optimum comfort.

Fostoria model OCH

Fostoria’s OCH model is ideal for anyone who wants the best outdoor heating for their money. With a casing that blends in well with decors including wooden beams, this model is the most popular for all those who like to enjoy the outdoor terrace at the cottage.

Fostoria model MTM

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the MTM series is ideal for those who want to build a terrace that will impress visitors.

Disclaimer: we can’t guarantee that your visitor will want to leave your terrace.

Why trust Technirep with your electric radiant heater?

Since 1997, we’ve helped thousands of customers create their optimal space and enjoy it to the full. Technirep has also helped hundreds of restaurants boost their terrace revenues with systems tailored to their needs.

Our team of experts offers a turnkey service, from information gathering to design and shipping. Each of our projects is accompanied by an outreach plan to ensure that the system will meet your specific needs.

Nous espérons que cet article vous a été utile pour décider quel appareil de chauffage conviendrait le mieux à votre projet. Si vous avez besoin d’aide pour décider ou si vous avez des questions sur votre projet particulier, n’hésitez pas à nous envoyer un courriel à info@technirep.ca

Vous êtes un entrepreneur en construction ou un électricien et vous recherchez un partenaire pour vous assistez dans tous vos projets. Technirep travaille directement avec vous pour créer les plus beaux projets.

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