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The electric infrared heater is very versatile and has many uses. At Technirep, information gathering is the basis of each of our projects to ensure that the system provided will be able to meet the expectations and needs of our customers. Indeed, the choice of devices and controls depends on a multitude of factors such as ceiling height, type of insulation, size of the space, use of the space, etc.

Let us work with your electrician to design your heating solution.


Infrared heating for the residential sector

Whether it's a deck, pergola, patio or garage, we can guide you to the best heating option for your needs.


Infrared heater for restaurant patio heaters

Electric radiant heating is preferred for large spaces, poorly insulated buildings and buildings with significant air infiltration (large garage doors for example). In fact, its use usually results in significant savings.


Commercial infrared heating for large spaces

Increase the energy efficiency of your business with our electric infrared heating systems. Our solutions are suitable for many types of spaces such as arenas, garages, big box stores, hotel canopies, sports complexes and more.


Industrial infrared heating by zone

Ideal for industrial spaces, infrared heating will save you money by reducing energy waste.


Infrared heating for de-icing

Create a safer space by keeping your driveway, sidewalks and parking lot entrance clear of ice at all times. Did you know that it is possible to de-ice with our systems? Indeed, even the Quebec winters do not resist our solutions.


Infrared heater for outdoor use

Since infrared heating heats the masses rather than the air, it is possible to use our systems without any real energy loss. Your father's old saying, "we don't heat the outside here" doesn't hold true with our systems.


Other Applications

The unequalled efficiency of our electric infrared heaters means that the applications are very varied and sometimes unusual. Here are some examples: towel warmers for a spa, heaters for a golf driving range, heaters for melting pizza cheese in a production line and much more.