Archibald Blainville

The Archibald microbrewery & restaurant in Blainville in the Laurentians offers you the opportunity to spend some quality time on its Technirep-heated terrace.

The Archibald microbrewery & restaurant in Blainville benefits from an infrared heating system in order to create a warm atmosphere for its customers as well as to increase the number of hours of use of the latter during the cooler nights. Thanks to the speed of the lamp devices, users can feel the heat of the devices instantly.

Fostoria’ s MTM series radiant heaters are the perfect complement to the Archibald’s warm, rustic-style terrace. In order to install the units high up and maintain the desired sense of warmth, we opted for 7.6kW units (available at 600V) instead of the popular 5kW units (available at 208V, 240V and 600V).

More powerful devices allow you to install them higher up and keep the right number of watts/square foot under them for the best comfort.

To maintain the warm ambience of the terrace, we add red glass tubes to the infrared lamps of each unit to reduce the light emitted while leaving a red glow that adds to the existing ambience and attracts the eye of potential customers.


In addition to being a greenhouse gas-free solution, using a green energy source and being safer, electric patio heaters are more efficient than gas or propane patio heaters. Electric radiant lamps like those in the MTM series offer 96% radiant efficiency, compared with around 50% for gas and propane patio heaters. Radiant efficiency is particularly important for outdoor patio heating, given the draughts.

In fact, radiant efficiency refers to the energy that is directly transferred as infrared heat, which is directly felt by people, rather than being converted into heat in the form of convection, which is lost at the first draught. In other words, 50% of the energy used by propane or gas patio heaters installed outdoors is wasted due to draughts.


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