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Brûlerie Caffuccino Magog

A terrace that evolves with heating that lasts through the years

Magog’s Brûlerie Caffuccino is one of several Caffuccino establishments. For several years now, the terraces of Brûlerie Caffuccino Magog and the Caffuccino Jacques-Cartier restaurant in Sherbrooke have been heated by Technirep’s electric infrared patio heaters. Thanks to the durability of our appliances, they have seen the evolution of terrace décor over the years. In fact, our Fostoria devices are designed in North America, with casings that are highly resistant to our climate, so they’ll be in good condition for decades.


Here’s how the Brûlerie de Magog terrace has evolved over the years, with the 342 and 343 series still comfortably heating customers.

Advantages of an electric infrared system for café terraces


In addition to the durability of the devices, an infrared system like the one installed on the terrace of Brûlerie Caffuccino Magog, Technirep’s infrared heating systems offer the best heating solution for cafés.

Fostoria appliances are designed in North America with the finest materials to ensure maximum durability.

Here are four other important advantages

Space optimization

Since electric patio heaters are installed high up, the space available on the terrace is optimized, compared with free-standing propane patio heaters which reduce the space available on the terrace.

From morning to night

For a terrace like that of Magog’s Brûlerie Caffuccino, which is open most of the day. It would be a disadvantage to have opted for a propane solution, since propane patio heaters require regular changes of propane tanks.

Thanks to a 100% electric solution, the infrared patio heating system is always ready for use. All you have to do is set the intensity you want, so that all your customers are comfortable.

The efficiency of infrared heating

Fostoria MTM series infrared heaters like the Caffuccino have a 96% radiant efficiency, which means that 96% of the energy used is transferred into infrared heat that heats people directly on the terrace. This translates into the best comfort for the energy level used.

Cost-effective solution

In addition to being a more efficient solution with lower energy consumption than gas or propane solutions, an electric heating solution uses a less expensive energy source.


Electric infrared systems are ideal for events and shows. They not only lengthen evenings, they also electrify them.


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