Energy Innovation at Volkswagen: Transition to Electric Radiant Heating

The new-generation dealer opts for efficiency and savings with Technirep


At the heart of innovation and sustainability, the Volkswagen dealership recently ushered in an era of energy efficiency. Despite the modernity of their installations, they made the bold decision to replace their existing heating system with our electric radiant heating solution, proving their commitment to economy and ecology.

This strategic change is motivated by the quest for optimum performance and significant reductions in operating costs. Our electric infrared system proves to be the centerpiece of this transformation, providing even, comfortable heat while reducing the dealer’s carbon footprint.

Volkswagen executives recognized the opportunity to increase their energy efficiency without compromising the comfort of customers and employees. Technirep’s electric radiant heating system, with its ease of installation and ability to deliver targeted heat, fits perfectly into the dealership’s sleek, modern surroundings.

The transition to our heating technology is more than just a change of equipment; it’s a brand statement in favor of smart, sustainable practices. By choosing Technirep, Volkswagen is demonstrating its leadership in the automotive industry and its commitment to offering an exceptional customer experience, while preserving the environment.


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