Mount Shefford House

A dream terrace for a picturesque home

The photos speak for themselves:Infratech ‘s flush-mounted devices blend perfectly with the clean lines of this house, which seems to float in its environment.

These patio heaters are not only visually pleasing, they also provide comfortable warmth for enjoying the terrace to the full.

Visual appearance

Infratech radiant heaters are the appliances of choice for architects.

With a wide selection of wattages, lengths, colors and styles, the W-WD-C-CD and SL series are ideal for incorporating into architects’ designs all over North America.

The Mont Shefford house is a perfect example of a successful flush-mount installation. The black mounting frames reinforce the black accent of the terrace, harmonizing with its beams.

Comfort aspect

In addition to being appreciated by architects, Infratech infrared heaters offer incomparable comfort.

These are available from 1,500W to 6,000W to meet the needs and expectations of every customer. The heaters use an electric infrared tube with a radiant efficiency of around 70%, offering greater comfort than a gas or propane heater.

In addition to the choice of devices, a wide range of controls is available for electric infrared systems. The two most popular options are the home automation control panel, which allows modulation with the home automation system, and the universal control panel, which allows the use of a Wi-Fi smart dimmer to modulate directly from your smartphone.

Simplicity and quality

Thanks to Infratech products, Technirep is able to offer infrared heating solutions that are synonymous with simplicity and quality. In fact, Technirep works exclusively with North American partners who share the same values of quality and attention to detail, to create the products best suited to our reality.


All large-scale projects require good collaboration between the parties involved to achieve the desired result. Whether it’s the architect, the general contractor, the electrician, the engineer, etc.

To facilitate the work of all parties involved, Technirep offers radiation plans, proposals for the best system, pre- and after-sales support, technical data sheets, connection diagrams and other important information at the design stage of each project.

(credit photo: MXMA Architecture & Design)

To discover the architect’s complete project, please visit: MXMA Architecture & Design

To obtain all the information relevant to your project, I invite you to get started. To learn more about selecting the best infrared system for your patio, I invite you to read this article.


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