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Doors and windows 440

Combining comfort and energy savings in a large space

At 440 Windows and Doors, our mission was to replace large unit heaters with an electric infrared system. Why?

First of all, the unit heaters were a nuisance in the daily life of the employees. Indeed, these large appliances emit a lot of noise and the whole thing can quickly become uncomfortable. In addition, in a dusty environment, an electric infrared system that does not create wind is ideal.

Secondly, unit heaters heat the air unlike our radiant system which heats the masses first. This makes our systems more efficient and comfortable for employees working in these large spaces. When opening such a large garage door, you can expect to lose a significant amount of warm air. Then, the unit heater will need to run for several minutes to warm up the entire volume of the space in order to make the workers feel warm again (remember that hot air rises). Our system, with its 96% radiant efficiency, allows you to work with the garage door open while maintaining a comfortable, all-encompassing feeling of warmth. You will understand that we have allowed PF440 to generate important energy savings.

The beauty of infrared is that it is possible to do zone heating. Indeed, why heat an entire room when activities are concentrated in one area? This is the case at PF440. As you can see from the images, the workspaces receive rays. As for the storage area, there is no need to heat this space.

In the end, we allowed PF440 to put away their old noisy unit heaters while increasing employee comfort.


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