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Electric infrared heating and zone heating

Thermal comfort at work is essential, and that’s where infrared heating comes in. With its ability to generate even, immediate heat, it transforms any workstation into an optimal space for performance.

Far from traditional heating methods, electric infrared heating responds quickly to your needs, ensuring continuous well-being throughout the day. It’s an experience that goes beyond the simple sensation of warmth, and has a positive influence on mood and productivity. Adopt infrared heating, and give every working moment the thermal quality it deserves.

Our MTM by Fostoria series units offer 96% radiant efficiency, and their 30, 60 or 90-degree reflectors make it easy to target the desired workstations. This offers the best possible energy savings.

Compared with a propelled hot-air heating method, electric infrared heaters can be used to heat just one area of a large space, since the heat produced by infrared heaters is distributed by a beam that heats the targeted masses and people. This method reduces heating-related energy costs.

Unlike air heaters, electric infrared heaters generate no noise. This provides a much more comfortable working environment for employees.


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