Evolution of our logo

Our logo changes, but our excellence remains.

After making its mark on the sector for over two decades, Technirep has reinvented itself with a new visual identity and refreshed logo.

Our new logo, both modern and streamlined, goes beyond a simple aesthetic metamorphosis; it embodies the evolution of our history and expertise.

The color

The choice of orange as the dominant color for this new symbol is not insignificant. It evokes the comforting warmth and radiant energy emanating from our equipment. This vivid hue also symbolizes our commitment to innovation and creativity.

The shape

The hexagon, the central shape of our logo, is a nod to precision and structure. With its six sides, it reflects our methodical approach and attention to detail in every project. The hexagon is also an allusion to solidity and stability, key values for our company. Its regularity recalls the technical perfection and harmony we strive for in our solutions.

The contrast

The striking contrast between black and orange is not just an aesthetic choice. It symbolizes the duality of our products: intense, targeted heat, contrasted with energy efficiency and discretion. This dichotomy reflects our ability to combine performance and aesthetics.

The spokes

The distinction between the black top and orange bottom in our logo is not accidental. It illustrates the operating principle of our radiant heaters: to distribute heat where it is most needed – close to people and surfaces – rather than dissipating it unnecessarily. This design is a reminder of our commitment to efficiency and optimum comfort.


The subtle integration of our name in the logo reflects our vision of always being at the heart of technological advances and at the forefront of heating solutions. Our name, engraved in the design, underlines our pride and long-term commitment to our customers and partners.