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What infrared heating systems are used by health spa companies?

Spas across the province contact us to design infrared heating systems to enhance their clients’ experience.

Types of electric infrared devices in health spas

There are two main categories of electric infrared heaters: quartz lamp heaters and quartz tube heaters.

Quartz lamp fixtures

Quartz lamp fixtures have a 96% radiant efficiency, offer an instantaneous response time (1-2 seconds) and emit visible light (six to eight lumens/W). It is important to note that the light emission can be reduced by 90% thanks to our red glass tubes which offer a warm atmosphere.

Quartz tube devices

Quartz tube units have a radiant efficiency of 60%, have a reaction time of 2-3 minutes and emit a faint, orangey visible light.

What types of equipment should we choose for our health spa?

The choice of the device will depend on your needs and expectations. In general, we recommend that health spa companies opt for quartz lamp units since they offer higher radiant efficiency.

In fact, our systems are most often installed outdoors to provide warm and inviting spaces for customers to relax, to de-ice hazardous areas, or as a towel warmer. In the above scenarios, radiant efficiency is a major issue. Indeed, it is preferable that the energy deployed translates into radiant heat and directly heats the masses rather than the air, which cannot be contained in an external environment.

The use of quartz tube devices is also common in health spas, but in a different context. The ideal installation for such devices is often in an enclosed area or minimally protected from the wind, where you want to offer warmth to people.


Finally, tube and quartz lamp devices can be used by health spa companies. In general, quartz lamps are to be preferred because of their high radiant efficiency. Indeed, depending on your needs and expectations, our team of experts will be able to offer you the best solution for your spa.

An infrared heating system for a health spa for customer comfort.
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