The airplane hangar

Equipment that remains at its best!


Whether you want to store tools, materials, cars or even airplanes! Our electric radiant heaters are there for you! With up to 96% efficiency, your work and storage space is guaranteed to stay in good condition under the summer “sun” all year round, with no draughts to displace dust.

Advantages of infrared heating for aircraft hangars

Reduced heating costs: Significantly reduces heating costs while improving worker comfort, providing an optimized working environment for garages.

Spot heating: no need to preheat the space to work comfortably. Electric infrared produces instant heat.

Quiet and windless: The electric infrared heater is silent and windless, providing a peaceful, clean environment.

Efficient even with the door open: Infrared is the only type of heating that keeps you comfortable with the garage door open. Aircraft hangars require huge garage doors. With forced-air heating, heat is automatically lost when the doors are opened. Infrared, on the other hand, provides efficient mass heating, even with doors open.


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